Neil Woodall
grinders hill

the lowry

sheffield mural


Completed June 1994.

Grinders Hill is a walkway between the Site Gallery and the Workstation in the Cultural Quarter of Sheffield. I won a competition organised by Sheffield City Council to produce an artwork for one side of the walkway. The tall buildings made the area very dark and threatening so I decided to use polished stainless steel to reflect as much light as possible. From some angles the building looks almost invisible.

The work is made from 31 etched sheets of 2.4m by 1.2m bright annealed stainless steel. The designs reflect the use of the building, depicting the recording studios, video editing and tape copying facilities. Images were dry etched onto the steel which was then sprayed with a thick deposit of the screen printing ink used to make traffic signs. This ensured a very permanent finish to the work.

This project broke new ground in that I developed a cost effective way of getting the ink permanently onto steel, a method which I have not seen used elsewhere. I worked very closely with contractors to ensure that it was installed with the delicate surface of the panels intact. I negotiated with the council, the occupants of the building and the sub contractors.
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