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Jazz At Accrington Con Club

Bryan Spring
Bryan Spring
Bryan Spring
Bryan Spring     December 1979

It's not often that I concentrate on drummers because they are usually at the back of the group surrounded by heaps of plumbing, but Bryan Spring was so photogenic that I couldn't resist putting the pictures in.

When I look at these pictures the word which springs to mind is the old jazzspeak phrase 'real gone'. Perhaps the spiritual look on his face was inspired by the music he was playing, or it might reflect the continuous supply of pints of Guinness and double whisky chasers.

When I developed the film I thought that the one at the bottom was a bit of a disaster but when I printed it I realised that it captured the power and commitment that Bryan Spring showed.

Articles about the Bryan Spring Trio and Bryan's work in the Don Weller Band

photograph derek woodall 1975 - 1996