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Artists who played at Great Harwood Football Club

Great Harwood Football Club was one of those venues, which are all too common in this country; a place where a common discomfort welded the audience together in a sense of camaraderie not possible in more affluent surroundings. In winter it was so cold that two members from Bury brought there own electric fire and often the horn players would have to suck their mouthpieces for ten minutes in order to make them playable.

The beer had been standing in the pipes since the previous weekend so it was not advisable to get the first two or three pints. The stage was miniscule and lit by three or four forty-watt lamps of varied colours - not the ideal place to take photographs of contorting jazz musicians. In spite of all that, we had some momentous nights and the atmosphere could sometimes be electric.

Unfortunately I did not start to take photographs of the earlier musicians and missed the likes of Barbara Thompson and the wonderfully phallic named Dick Wellstood. I hope that the following photographs will capture some of the atmosphere of those times.