Jazz in North East Lancashire

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Benny Carter

Photographs by Derek Woodall, 1975 - 96

This collection of photographs and memories is the result of pressure from friends and acquaintances who felt that it was time for these pictures to be seen by a larger public.

The first time I took photographs at Great Harwood I used flash but the amount of smoke in the atmosphere reflected the light and the resulting pictures were flat and uninteresting. I experimented by rating Kodak 400 ASA film at 3,200 ASA and developed the film for up to sixteen minutes in Microphen developer. The results were grainy but they captured the spirit of the performances - lit sometimes only by three or four 40 watt lamps.

Being a member of the paying public, I was not allowed the privilege of set-up or posed shots; all the photographs in this collection were taken during performance. As one can imagine, photographing jazz musicians in full flight in lighting like this was no easy matter but if you could follow the music and concentrate on the solos you could sense when the player would be still enough to let you get a reasonable shot.

I hope that this small collection will bring back memories of some wonderful nights and I would like to dedicate it to the little group of individuals including Colin Perkins, Keith Salisbury, Eric (Doctor Jazz) Hindle and Roger who brought such a range of jazz greats from all over the world to a little place like Hyndburn.

Derek Woodall, February 2003.